Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Idea of What Friendship Is

A lot of cliche you can use to define friendship. But I rarely use one. I would rather define it through a story. Usually... a very long story.

Moving from places to places.. it usually takes me a while to develop a very deep a friendship and would call someone my bestfriend. Maybe because I do not do constant relationship anymore. I am not the old me, burn-the-phone-lines, week-end-overnights, hang-out-'til-you're-out kind of a friend anymore.

I learned that true friends stay forever. Whether you never get in touch anymore. Whether you were not there when they needed you the most. Whether you were never anywhere when they wanna find you. Whether you never find quality time for them anymore. Because true friends understand.

True friends understand when you can't spare enough time to hang out with them. When you can't afford to put them on your top priorities in your life. When you can't keep up with a promise. Or even when you have other friends you are busy with.

Because a true friend cares enough to know why. They know you enough to understand why. And they are sincere enough to stay back and just let you be.

For me, friendship is just like marriage. The sincerity lies on your commitment to be a friend forever.

I am proud of all my friends. I know... we can count on each other .. when one need each other the most. Sometimes, it may not be physically.... by I know.. emotionally, we all connect.

Because friendship is, first and foremost, a lingering connection. When you connect you build this strong commitment. Up or down, richer and for poorer, sickness and in health...

I firmly believe that "Friendship will stand the test of time."

Family Time: Toronto Santa Claus Parade

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As a mother, I am just like any mom and that I also want the best for my daughter. Since knowing that I am going to be a parent, I promised myself that I will do everything that I can to raise her as how I perceived society, as how I would have wanted to grow up. Not in a material way, but that as a child who is full of wonderful memories. Memories that she won't trade for anything in this world. Memories with us, her parents.

So far, despite the distance separating us from her Dad, I have tried my best to raise her as a wonderful child who never question her Dad's lack of presence. Not that it is a justification. But their camaraderie when they are together is beyond my expectations, it is but as if they never get separated for weeks. And it is with pride and joy for both us her parents that we see her as a happy kid and that we raised her to be a better person despite anything.

Hence, hubby and I always support anything she is very much interested, as long as we are able. Like simple thing as her love for parades. 

This year is going to be her first Toronto Santa Claus Parade. It's gonna be chilly... but it's gonna be another wonderful memory for her to treasure.

Ialways try to come up with something that she can keep in mind. Something of a tradition. I am hoping that she will grow up with this little tradition in mind. And I am hoping that when she becomes a parent herself, she will never forget to take a backseat from such a busy world she might live and spend time with FAMILY.

I know that others would say, we can spend time at home... watch tv or something. But for me, to do this is to do something special. And I know that she will remember it forever. 

I will never forget my first Toronto Santa Claus parade. The joy, the experience, that one moment in my life that made me promised myself that if I'll have my own family -- I will not deprive them of it. And bringing Khloe this year, is also fulfilling a promise to myself. And having said this, I am thankful of that special family who brought me with them to experience it. Indeed... it's a beautiful celebration of sort. Despite the chill, the crowded street... and the chill again.

I know Khloe will love it. I know she will thank me one day for bringing her.

I am a huge believer of family-first. And a huge advocate of Family Time. 

This sunday, is gonna be on that list of our Special Family Time.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Evolution of Khloe's Halloween Costume

 'Pink Leopard' - Khloe at 2 months old

The weather in Sunnyvale, California is warm enough to just dress her up with this cute sleeper-costume. I was not picky with the style, nor the grandeur. I am all for Khloe celebrating her first Halloween in a costume.

Got this Pink Leopard from Walmart for $12.99

'Twas a steal.

'Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)' - Khloe at 1 y.o. and 2 months

Celebrating Halloween in Canada is Khloe's first time. I have to consider the freezing weather that might be possible. I have to think that she is only a year old. And it's gonna be her first Halloween to experience trick or treating.

I got this costume from Target (Sunnyvale, California) for $19.99

At this moment of her life... she's very fond of her Barney. But I let her watch Wizard of Oz for her to grasp the idea of her costume. Of course, what can you expect from a one year old. The musical moments were her favourite. She does love music, song and dance at this stage.

The turtle neck is never a question. She needs it to keep her warm for trick or treating. The red shoes, we scoured most of the possible stores in Silicon Valley (California) and here in St Catharines (Ontario). Either she don't have the size, or it's not red. I got the red shoes from Sears here in St Kits. It's more like a slipper-shoe than a sandals. But she loves them. Her Tita Clarisa lent her a puppy stuff toy for her Toto. Thus, completing the look.

'Pirate Princess' - Khloe at 2 y.o. & 2 months

At this stage of my daughter's life, I wanna dress her up devoid of the usual princess-way. At this year, she was really into Dora. But I saw this costume online from and it consumed me. I saw Khloe on it... and online, I purchased it. $34.99, shipped to her Dad in California and her Dad brought it here in St Catharines.

When she tried it the first time -- it awed me. In my mind, I can dress her up with anything and she'll walk the talk, or talk the walk.

This photo speaks more than a mother like me could write. I completed this with a black turtle neck and black boots. Trick or treating was not as freezing as the last time. She enjoyed her journey around the block. 

'Cinderella Princess' - Khloe at 3 y.o. & 2 months

When your toddler consumed her toddler years with everything princessy -- at some point, a good mother has to give in and indulge her. I did try so hard to sway her from wearing anything princess for Halloween.

With little princess like Khloe, a crayon costume or a little red riding hood is no substitute to being a princess for a night.

So I gave in and indulged her. My sister tried to hand me down 3-generations of Belle costume. Unfortunately, it is too big for her tiny size. But I am one lucky mom who is surrounded with awesome friends with fashion style and princess little girls. My 'kumare' Rose handed me down my god-daughter's Cinderella costume -- a piece of costume I can't resist to showcase, especially with Khloe's flair for royalty and all.

So, my little royal highness, graced this year's Halloween with her royal presence as Little Cinderella. I completed this with a navy long-sleeve shirt, a navy-blue stocking, black boots, blue headband and a white lace gloves.

It was a very royal night. Despite the rain... Khloe had so much fun trick or treating with her cousins and friends.

2nd-generation of Cinderella costume = $Priceless (Thank You, Rose & my princess, Cheska)

Next year would be a different story. No more long gowns. No more princess costume. I'm hoping she'll say yes to a crayon. LOL.


Experiencing the Eraserheads Again

It's been more than 10 years since I first seen them play live!!! Been more than 10 years of waiting for this moment.. dreaming of this moment to finally happen. And it did. October 19, 2012. Koolhaus. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ely stood in front of me, up the stage... just a few yards away. I saw Buddy on his right, Raimund from behind with his drums and Marcus on his left. It's that most awesome feeling. 

Leaving my daughter in Niagara, for the first time, travelling to Toronto more than an hour away, and falling in line for hours, and waited with the crowd for hours.... is all worth it!!! The V.I.P (Meet n Greet plus concert) ticket price is all worth it!! My hubby.. gave me the most awesome birthday present of my life (next to our drive-thru wedding in Niagara Falls). 

I've never had so much fun in my life, maybe since... university days. Never been so free. So belonged. Sharing this precious moment with my friend, Michelle, whom I gave hubby's ticket, and watching her fall in love of Ely is very reminiscent of my  Eheads-manic years. Mind you, she has very little idea of the Eraserheads, and even of their songs. All she know is that most people she know is watching the concert. And she was almost headbanging on some of the songs. Did I say, she don't know the lyrics? So yes.... I discovered a new fan. Sharing my gifted Eheads, sharing the love... that connection to every song. 

If you'll ask me... would I do that again.... DEFINITELY, YES!!! Bring on another tour... and I'll go wherever possible. 

That's how a fan I am.